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Casting Director Amber Horn, Intensive (For Parents and Actors!)

  • Talent House Academy burbank , CA 91505 USA (map)
Actors have about 30 seconds to make the person watching the audition, want to keep seeing more!
— Amber Horn

It may seem like being a solid actor should lead to booking roles, but that’s not necessarily the case. Auditioning is a much different skill set than acting during the tv/film production process, and you will want to practice being awesome at both!

It’s very similar to students who are incredibly smart, but they happen to be bad test-takers. Acting during the production vs. auditioning for it is a similar relationship.

The goal is for everyone to feel comfortable learning how to establish strong connections during audition scenes.

Your skill level doesn’t matter for this class. If it’s your first year acting or your 20th year acting, you will gain powerful tools from this class!

I believe that we are all put on this Earth to help each other. I want all of you to leave this class feeling empowered.
Knowledge is power and the more you know about the casting process the easier it will be to rock your auditions!

Amber Horn, CSA

Amber (right) with her casting partner, Danielle Aufiero (left)!


Class Details

*Actors will receive a link before class, where they will be instructed to get completely off book in order to fully participate in the class exercises!*

The First Hour:

  • Amber will project her laptop screen to a monitor, while she walks you through the casting process. Parents / guardians will participate through this portion discussing:

    • Headshots

    • Breakdowns

    • Submissions

    • network/studio pilot tests

    • Agents/Managers

    • Resumes/ Reels

    • episodic casting

    • Feature Film Casting

And most importantly, every person in the room will know by the end of the first hour of class… what makes a producer/director/casting director, or even ANY PERSON want to keep watching a particular audition! 

The Remainder of Class:

  • You will perform exercises, deliver scene work, and performances to learn and practice:

    • Delivering awesome audition scenes, regardless if the audition is live in a room full of people or a self taped audition.

    • Feeling comfortable learning how to establish strong connections during audition scenes

    • Why the most powerful tool an actor has is his/her eyes

    • Focus on the objective in scene performance, (making sure actors understand how to evoke strong emotions to create a solid connection. )

    • The moment before the scene begins- (by discussing the emotional state before the scene starts. The actors full focus should be on MAKING THE OTHER PERSON FEEL SOMETHING. This helps the actor achieve the objective. Actors are far more interesting, when they make it about the other person and NOT about themselves. )

    • Removing any “indicating” in scenes.

      • ‘Indicating’ is the actor trying to show the audience they are feeling something instead of actually feeling it. 100% of the time when an actor is indicating they are not present in the moment with their objective, nor are they making it about the other person! I can’t stress enough how important this next statement is. The most important person in the scene, is the other person. This includes things like:

        • Eye Rolling

        • Sighs

        • Miming

        • Etc.

Most importantly while learning we will laugh a lot, all be supportive of each other, and have a great time while working on auditioning skills!