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Chris Brochu's 'The Prepared Actor: A Step by Step Guide for Character, Scene & Audition Prep'

  • Talent House Academy burbank , CA 91505 USA (map)

The Prepared Actor

"A step by step guide for character, scene and audition prep."

“My goal is to take the mystery out of the acting process. The intention is to create a safe/productive space for actors to challenge themselves, learn, grow and become confident within the process of their craft. As artists we
must work everyday with the knowledge that this process is FOREVER. An artist must never stop growing. An artist must keep his/her heart open so that every moment of every day may inform their work. An artist never settles. Like a phoenix, we emerge from the ashes of yesterday and are purified daily by the fire of our creative passions.”
— Chris

Chris Brochu


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Class Details

PART 1 - The Information Given

As an actor it is our job to create a believable and memorable character. To do that we need to absorb as much information as we can. Knowledge is power and everything matters. The script, the character, the casting director, the producer, each detail brings you deeper into the project and helps inform your process. This art form is all about collaboration. I will show you what to look for and what steps to take to help you feel as prepared and professional as possible.

PART 2 - The Information Found

This is the part that makes or breaks the artist in you and it tests the true actor every single time. Can you absorb the given information, find where it lives inside of you and bring that piece of you into the character? Can you find all of the subtle human subtext within the tone of the dialogue? Can you read between those lines on the page and fill in the rest of it? Can you empathize with your character? In this section I will guide you through the steps to take to set yourself up for a memorable performance.