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Casting Director, Catherine Stroud 3 Day Audition Technique Camp

  • Talent House Academy (Exact address sent after registration) (map)

Is Your Comfort-zone Keeping You From Booking Roles?

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Auditioning is competitive, and there are plenty of actors performing comfortably, leaving auditions and receiving the same feedback:

“It was good”.

But “good” auditions, means general choices.

Learn How to Stretch Your Comfort-zone to have an Exceptional Dynamic Performance, Instead of a General One!

Join the Casting Director known for not only working with huge production companies like Adam Sandler's "Happy Madison", but also discovering and launching the careers of amazing actors like Miley Cyrus and Emma Stone, Catherine Stroud!

Learn the mistakes Actor’s can make when auditioning that make their performance go unnoticed.

You Will Learn:

  • To build a STRONG character that casting and producers will notice and remember

  • How to zero in on tips from the writers to fully understand their intentions of the scene

    • Understanding what is it really about?

    • What role do you play in the scene?

    • How the other characters inform your performance

  • How to find the "Hot" choices not just good choices so you get booked

  • How to get past your comfort zone and discover new talents and expand as an actor

  • Have fun while learning & more!


Catherine Stroud & Emma Stone!

Catherine gave Emma her first job on “The Suite Life” then cast her later in “The House Bunny”!

There are plenty of Hondas and Toyotas on the road, which are fine, but they’re general. Nobody notices. But when a bright red Lamborghini drives by thats when the heads turn. You need to be anything but general in the audition room. You need to be the Lamborghini.
— Catherine Stroud